Papau is borne from a passion for paper. Inspired by origami, the Papau card wallet is entirely crafted from Cordoba Paper - a durable, tear-resistant and versatile material that is made from cellulose & latex.

The simple, stitch-less design is perfect for minimalists who wish to slim their wallet, and reduce their impact on the environment.


Papau wallets, and their packaging, are made from FSC certified, plant-based materials that are both recycleable and compostable.

The lightweight, compact design is manufactured in the UK and is easy to transport, minimising the environmental impact of our deliveries.


Papau is created by Alec Farmer, a soft-goods designer with over a decade of experience in the luggage & accessories industry. Alec is passionate about British-Made products, and Papau is an experiment to find new ways to manufacture products at scale in the UK without the premium price-tag normally associated with domestically manufactured products.