• Vegan Friendly

    Papau wallets are made from cellulose, so they are fully compostable and kind to the environment.

  • Slim & Light

    Weighing in at under 12 grams, and thinner than an iPhone, the Papau card wallet is perfect for minimalists.

  • Ages Like Leather

    Cordoba paper will develop a beautiful patina over time, and the result looks a lot like leather, at a fraction of the environmental cost.


Cordoba paper is made from plants, but ages like leather - without all of the chemicals, emissions and ethical dilemmas surrounding the global leather industry. At the end of their life, our wallets can be composted or recycled. 

Papau Wallets produce 0.3% of the emissions than an equivalent wallet made from leather*

*1m² of leather is estimated to produce 110kg CO2e.

1m² of 340gsm paper produces roughly 340g CO2e.